Practice for QTS numeracy calculator app

Main menu of the QTS app

Main menu of the QTS app

The TESTS button leads the user to a list of six possible possible test that they could start practicing right away.


QTS numeracy calculator section – Tests page includes 6 tests with 16 question each.

The user is given a countdown of 38 minutes to solve each test. Test can still be continued after the time is up.

qts test question

At the end of the test, the user is informed about the score of the test. The overall passing mark for the numeracy test is 63%, so on the Score section the user is informed if it was a Pass or Fail for each test.

Afterfinalising the test, the ANSWERS sections allows the user to revisit the same questions, where thye can see the correct answer.

QTS--test answers

The QTS numeracy calculator practice app is currently available only in Android version but will soon be lounched in the Apple store as well.



QTS numeracy on screen app